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# istioctl

# istioctl kube-inject

kube-inject手动将Envoy sidecar注入Kubernetes工作负载中。 不支持的资源将保持不变,因此可以安全地对包含一个复杂应用程序的多个Service,ConfigMap,Deployment等定义的单个文件运行kube-inject。 最初创建资源时最好这样做。

已针对Job,DaemonSet,ReplicaSet,Pod和Deployment YAML资源文档更新了k8s.io/docs/concepts/workloads/pods/pod-overview/#pod-templates。 可以根据需要添加对其他基于pod的资源类型的支持。

Istio项目在不断发展,因此Istio sidecar配置可能会有所更改。 如有疑问,请在部署上重新运行istioctl kube-ject以获取最新的更改。

$ istioctl kube-inject [flags]
--context <string>The name of the kubeconfig context to use (default ``)
--filename <string>-fInput Kubernetes resource filename (default ``)
--injectConfigFile <string>injection configuration filename. Cannot be used with --injectConfigMapName (default ``)
--injectConfigMapName <string>ConfigMap name for Istio sidecar injection, key should be "config". (default istio-sidecar-injector)
--istioNamespace <string>-iIstio system namespace (default istio-system)
--kubeconfig <string>-cKubernetes configuration file (default ``)
--log_output_level <string>Comma-separated minimum per-scope logging level of messages to output, in the form of:,:,... where scope can be one of [ads, all, analysis, attributes, authn, cacheLog, citadelClientLog, configMapController, conversions, default, googleCAClientLog, grpcAdapter, kube, kube-converter, mcp, meshconfig, model, patch, processing, rbac, resource, runtime, sdsServiceLog, secretFetcherLog, source, stsClientLog, tpath, translator, util, validation, vaultClientLog] and level can be one of [debug, info, warn, error, fatal, none] (default default:info,validation:error,processing:error,source:error,analysis:warn)
--meshConfigFile <string>mesh configuration filename. Takes precedence over --meshConfigMapName if set (default ``)
--meshConfigMapName <string>ConfigMap name for Istio mesh configuration, key should be "mesh" (default istio)
--namespace <string>-nConfig namespace (default ``)
--output <string>-oModified output Kubernetes resource filename (default ``)
--valuesFile <string>injection values configuration filename. (default ``)

# Examples